Other Items of Interest

Prototype and other items of interest to collectors and railfans

There are only one each of these items, unless otherwise noted. They are all real, not reproductions, and difficult to get at the best of times.


We occasionally obtain a few books that are hard to get. The following is what we have in stock at the moment:


White, John H., The American Railway Passenger Car, two volumes, soft cover ISBN 0-8018-2743-4. These are in excellent condition: No marks internally or on the covers or the spine binding; No creases or opening marks on the spine.

There are some dark marks or smudges on the bottom and side edge of both volumes, and a few minuscule dark spots on the top edges.

Price: $75.00.


Remembering, subtitled Special Edition of The Coupler Marking the 75th Anniversary of BC Rail and Its Predecessor, The PGE Railway . Vol 29, No. 1, January-February 1987. B&W magazine format, 25 pages, not including covers.

Commemorative edition of BC Rail's Employee magazine, with lots of historical photos of equipment. Articles include: "In the Beginning", "Remembering Days of Steam", "Freaks of nature, Perils of the Road", "The Fifties - The Boom Years", "Getting It Together", etc.

Impression of writing on cover; "BC Rail publication, but had mislaid it on your talk, which was most interesting. Jack Pidoux" (?)

Price: $7.50


Rails Across Canada, Via Rail Canada, 1986. Soft Cover. Good conditon. Minor blemishes on edge of spine and covers.

Colour and B&W photos, some historical, most of Via equipment.

Price: $7.50


Prototype Right of Way Signs

These signs are reflective paint and graphics on 1/8" - 3/16" thick aluminum, clean, with no major and few minor blemishes.

Interchange Traffic Direction - $25.00 each

These are used at junctions and interchanges to help ensure trains go where they are supposed to. I saw a couple of these at Bayview Junction.

Photo of item. - Photo of model.

- - -

Whistle and No Whistling permitted- $25.00 each

Photo of model. - Photo of item.

- - -

Snow Plow Blades Down - $25.00

Photo of model.


Rhodesia Railways Coach Builder's Plate

This is a cast brass plate that came off a Rhodesia Railways coach just as it was being scrapped. It is in good condition with most of the paint scraped or broken off the surface.

It reads "Gloucester Railway Carriage & Wagon Company Ld. Builders Gloucester, England"

A fine collection piece. $250.00


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