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Feature Model

Imperial Oil 10,000 gal. Tank Car

This is an Overland brass model, made in Korea.

It has been custom painted to represent an Imperial Oil company-owned car in the mid-late 1930's. The lettering is a combination of CDS and custom made dry transfer lettering and parts of various Champion decal sets.

Side view

I've put a little extra detail on the car, e.g., additions to the brake gear and the coupler cut bars; Sergent couplers for true-to-scale operability, Kadee truck frames with Reboxx wheelsets for smooth and reliable running. And, of course, weathered it to simulate a well-maintained car.

B end


Brake Gear


Roof detail

A brakeman's chalk mark has been added for an extra bit of realism.

This model has now been sold.

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