Lenz Digital Plus

TLACanada Warranty Service


TLA performs all technical support and warranty service for Lenz Digital Plus products bought directly from us and from hobby shops that have sourced their stock from TLA.

For all others, we are happy to provide support and advice at nominal costs. (See below.)

Please contact us FIRST, BEFORE sending any item(s) for warranty service or upgrade.

* * *

Lenz Digital Plus manufactures some of the best engineered and designed DCC products that are available anywhere.

Lenz Elektronik GMBh offers a one year from purchase warranty against manufacturing defects on all items sold at retail MSRP to private owners and non-business owners (e.g., clubs). That warranty requires that owners contact Lenz Germany and send their item(s) to Germany for repair/replacement.

TLACanada will honour the Lenz warranty for all items sourced through us.

TLACanada warranty coverage applies only to the primary owner of any component or system. It does not extend to systems or items purchased second hand, nor to third-party interlocutors.

Please be aware that opening a case or disassembling any item or altering any item (e.g., by removing protective wrapping) immediately voids any warranty coverage. Instances of misuse or abusewill be determined at the sole discretion of TLACanada.

TLACanada warranty coverage or service requests must be substantiated with a copy of the original receipt for the item.

For all others, we are happy to provide service, subject to a minimum charge plus the cost of parts and any incidentals. Currently, the TLACanada service charge for non-warranty work is $50.00 per hour, with a $25.00 minimum.

If that seems expensive, please refer to you latest automobile mechanic's, plumber's or electrician's billing for their hourly minimum.

The TLACanada charge is for acquired and applied knowledge, not time.

Previously, the "Lenz Agency of North America" offered a 10 year "Goof Proof" warranty.

Owners of items purchased from or supplied by previous Lenz DCC importers/distributors should contact their seller(s) for warranty support.

* * *

Shipping your system/Items to us:

Please contact us FIRST, BEFORE sending any item(s) for warranty service.

We will provide you with relevant instructions or information.


Please write or print clearly and easily visibly on the outside of the package:

"Model Train Controls Sent for Warranty Service".


Please address all parcels to:

TLA Custom Models

Lenz Warranty Service

16 Drummond Street

Kingston, Ontario

K7K 5S1


For owners who will be shipping items to us from the U.S.A., please send your items via the U.S. Postal Service. Postal shipments normally arrive without any charges whatsoever.

Items sent via UPS or Fedex invariably incur hefty service or clearance fees (which we must charge back to the owner).

This page updated March 22, 2018

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