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SBLK Dispersal

This page listed all of the rolling stock, electronics, track, buildings, HO scale people and vehicles, trees and other scenery material, hoarded kits that I amassed in building my St. Boniface, Lac des Bois & Kaministiquia (SBLK) layouts in Ottawa from 1985-2001 and in Wilton from 2003-2013.

I have a table booked at Kingston's Rail o Rama March 16 & 17, where I will sell whatever may be left.

A Note on Pricing:

The terms of sale are cash, cheque (from known customers or individuals), bank draft, money order.

I will accept PayPal, but only at a 5% premium.


All of the Sold lots have been deleted.

13. Unbuilt Kit: Muir Models # 030 - Littleton Scrap Yard

Another one bought this years and years ago because I thought it might come in useful someday.

It probably will be, but to someone else now.

I am open to any offer on it.

[Photo 1]

39. Unbuilt Kit - Ambroid HO C.P.R. 8 Hatch Reefer

This kit appears to represent an early, probably experimental, wood sided version of the 8 hatch reefers produced in the 1930's and later. The kit is wood and cast metal detail parts.

Opened for offers.

[Photo 1] [Photo 2]

41. Unbuilt Kit - HOn3 DSP&P 'Tiffany' or D&RGW Reefer (Clear Creek Models)

This is a styrene and plastic cast detail, with CDS lettering for DSP&P and D&RGW markings.

Opened for offers.

[Photo 1] [Photo 2]

56. Western Grain Elevator - Built up/Bashed Kit

This is a built up styrene kit (I don't remember the manufacturer) that I altered slightly to fit into the Hawk Lake siding on the old SBLK.

It has Manitoba Pool Elevator markings on one side and the same markings (with a different elevator number) in mirror reverse on the back side because it was positioned in front of a mirror to give the optical illusion of there being two elevators.

Alsoincluded are a number of 'oddbins' that had been packed in the same box when the old SBLK died.

Opened for offers.

[Trackside] [Front] [Townside] [Rear (Mirror) side] [Oddbins]

70. Dennis Storczek Canadian Government Railways OB boxcar - HO Unbuilt Kit

This is a flat cast expoxy kit which I bought years ago and just never got around to building. The castings are very finely done and this will produce a great model.

Opened for offers.

[Box] [Opened box]

71. Silver Streak (Walthers) Great Northern Boxcar - HO Unbuilt kit

This is another kit that I bought, stored away preciously and then forgot about. Anyone with patience, a modicum of skill and care can make these into foreground models.

Opened for offers.

[Box] [Opened box]

73. Micro-Engineering/Clear Creek D&RGW HOn3 Rebuilt High Sided Gondola - Unbuilt kit

This is a styrene plastic kit with very finely done castings. It should make into a beautiful model. It includes trucks, couplers and lettering. Another onethat Ibought and never let see the light of day.

Opened for offers.

[Box] [Opened box]

99. SBLK, etc. Rolling Stock

This lot consists of the remaining models in one of the display cabinets in the layout room.

There are two SBLK stock cars kitbashed from P2K Maher cars. These had the roofs rebuilt, extra details added on, coupler cut bars and brake hoses, Kadee wheelsets, etc, and weathered. One of these received an NMRA merit certificate for my AP Car Builder's certificatiion

Colorado Midland Hanrahan [Ute Indian Herald] Rerigerator car. Built from a wood kit long ago. Central Valley Trucks & lots of extra detail.

Canadian National Express Refrigerator. I put this up somewhat hesitantly as it was only the second or third piece of rolling stock that I ever built. Still, it was serviceable as a background model and the Central Valley four wheel passenger trucks will be of use to someone even if he/she scraps the car.

The two CNR passenger cars are Rivarossi cars on which I did a lot of work, replacing cast on detail with scal wire, NBW and other casting, building stairs, etc., as well as replacing the trucks and/or wheelsets. They are acceptable as stand ins until a better Rapido or piece of bras can take their place.

The OVAR boxcar is an Ottawa Valley Associated Railroaders commemorative boxcar which I built up to the best SBLK detail standards and used as a demo of what could be done to make a basic Athearn box look almost like brass in clinics at the NMRA national conventions in Toronto in 2003 and in Cincinnati in 2005 (I think).

Opened for offers, either individually or as a lot.

[SBLK "West Wind"] [ [CM Reefer ] [CNR Express Reefer] [SBLK "Montmorency"] [CNR 1] [CNR 2]

102. NWSL Gearboxes, Drivers, etc.

This lot consists of several NWSL gearboxes (see photo for specifics), axles and drive rods, numerous NWSL HOn3drivers, a set of drivers for a VH 2-8-0.

Opened for Offers

[All] [Gearboxes] [VH 2-8-0 Drivers] [NWSL axles] [NWSL drivers]

104. C.P.R., C.N.R., etc and Winnipeg Structures Scale Drawings

This lot is a package of drawing sold only at the NMRA 1983 National Convention in Winnipeg. It was a convention special offer only for attendees.

The collection consists of several elevation drawings of at least 17 different structures/items. Many of these are now long gone.

I gave a set of these to Clare at Sylvan several years ago because he was interested in offering some of these structures commercially as kits. We agreed he would send me one of whichever kits he produced. I've never followed up to see if he did, in fact, do so. Too late now.

I was always going to scratchbuild several of the structures for myself and or the SBLK so as to rival what Selios did on his FSM, but I never got around to pursuing that aspiration. Like many others.

The specific sets of drawings are of:

1. C.N.R. 3rd class Station at La Broquerie, Manitoba

2. C.N.R. 4th class Station at Lorette, Manitoba

3. C.P.R. Freight House at Summerland, B.C.

4. G.N.R. Crossing Gate at Fargo, North Dakota

5. C.N.R. 18 lever Linsay Tower at Fort Rouge, Manitoba

6. C.N.R Bunk House and C.P.R. Speeder shed

7. G.T.R. Six Pile Trestle

8. C.N.R. Snow Fence (1920) and G.T.R. Portable Snow Fence (1918)

9. G.T.R. Station Bulletin Board and C.N.R. Railway Signs

10. Dahlgren Residence, Dauphin, Manitoba

11. Empire Hotel, Main Street S., Winnipeg

12. Benson-Bawlf Block and Harris Building, Princess Street, Winnipeg

13. City of Winnipeg Utility Building, Princess Street

14. Exchange Street, Princess Street, Winnipeg

15. Bate Building, McDermott Avenue, Winnipeg

16. Telegram Building, Albert Street, Winnipeg

17. Sylvester and Wilson Building, Albert Street, Winnipeg

The drawings were done by Thomas C. Fred and George A. Mclean.

The value of this lot is somewhere between that of scrap paper and priceless.

Opened for Offers

[Photo 1] [Photo 2] [Photo 3]

105. P2K Stock Cars, Walthers Dynamometer Car and NFR 2001 Convention Gondola

This lot consists of 5 P2K Stock Car kits, 1 Walthers Dynamometer Car kit and 1 NFR 2000 commemorative convention car (gondola) kit.

The five stock cars are the P2K Mather Stock car kits, mdified and partially built. When these kits first came out in the 1990s, they offered something reaasonably well detailed that could be made to represent cars that ran in Canada. The most noticeable problem with these kits waas the Mather roofs, none of which - so far as I know - ever were used in Canadian construction. I had already rebuilt the roofs and superdetailed three of these kits for SBLK-marked cars, so I undertook to do another five.

I got as far as replacing the roofs, putting up the fascia and doing all of the basic construction on these kits. All that remains to be done are doors, details, couplers and painting/lettering.

The Walthers Dynamometer car is one that I bought for painting/lettering for the SBLK. The first time it ever got out of the box is when i took the photos below.

The Gondola is an LBF kit. When we in the St. Lwrence division put on the NMRA/NFR regional convention in Ottawa in 2001, Michel or Angus or someone got the idea of getting LBF to contribute kits specially letered for the Capital Express. I can't remember whether or not we sold them or gave them away or what. But this is mine, still in its box.

Photos: [Stock Cars - All] [Stock Cars - Cars] [Stock Cars - Ends] [Stock Cars - Roof End] [Stock Cars - Roof] [Stock Cars - Side] [Stock Cars - Underside ] [Dynamometer - All] [Dynamometer - Car] [Gondola - All] [Gondola - Car] [Gondola - Box End]

Opened for Offers

106. Intermountain PFE Refrigerator Cars

This lot consists of all of the PFE refigerator cars in the shop. They are brand new in the box, never opened, except or taking the pictures below. Their retail price in the shop was $32.50 each

I am opening them for offers and would be happy to sell them individually or all as a lot.

The following are the specific items:

2 X R-30-21 Double Herald, car ## 63829 and 64716

6 X R-30-18 Single Herald, car ## 60083, 60502, 61724, 61954, 62327, 62449

2 X P-40-10 PFE Overland Herald, car ## 42208, 42346 [Note these two cars appear to have a weathered superstructure. I am not certain whether I did that at one time or whether they cme rom Intemountain like that.]

1 X R-40-10 PFE Double Herald, car # 42432

1 X R-40-10 PFE Black & White, car # 42217

Opened for offers.

[#63829] [#60083 (1)] [#60083 (2)] [#42208 (1)] [#42208 (2)] [#42217]

107. Intermountain Santa Fe (ATSF) Refrigerator Cars

This lot consists of all of the Santa Fe refigerator cars in the shop. They are brand new in the box, never opened. Their retail price in the shop was $31.95 each

I am opening them for offers and would be happy to sell them individually or all as a lot.

The following are the specific items:

1 X Super Chief/Straight Line Map, car #35803

1 x El Capitain/Straight Line Map, car # 35731

1 X Grand Canyon/Straight Line Map, car # 34711

1 X the Scout/Straight Line Map, car # 34666

1 x Chief/Ship & Travel, car # 31935

1 X Chief west/curved Line Map, car #34916

1 X El Capitain, RR23, Ship & Travel, car #32391

1 X El Capitain, RR23, Ship & Travel, car #32534

1 X Grand Canyon, RR23, Ship & Travel, car #32284

Opened for Offers

108. Santa Fe (ATSF) Caswell Gondolas

This lot consists of the last two Santa Fe gondola cars in the shop. They are brand new in the box, never opened. Their retail price in the shop was $29.50 each

I am opening them for offers and would be happy to sell them individually or all as a lot.

The following are the specific items:

1 X ATSF GA-4, car #70471

1 X ATSF GA-11, car #174037

Opened for Offers

Thank you for your interest.

Anything else I find from here on will be listed on EBay

Please contact me by email if you wish to make an offer on any of the above.