Kingston, Ontario's


We are pleased to offer W. Britain model soldiers that represent those just down the road at Kingston's National Heritage Site Fort Henry.

For those visiting the site, we are almost literally just across the road and invite you to drop in and pick up a model soldier as a souvenir after your visit.

Our models are better quality, and we offer a better selection of quality models than does the gift shop at the Fort.

Fort Henry Guard

W. Britain: British Private, 2nd Regiment of Foot, 1855 (WB 2006 collection #43049) @ $26.95

This model is a good representation of the regiments that were posted to Fort Henry in Kingston, Ontario.

The uniforms used by the Fort Henry Guard (students, during the summer season) differs from this only in negligible detail.

$20.95 for those with a Fort Entry ticket.

I will also offer a 10% discount on any other item in the shop to holders of a Fort Entry ticket.

* * *

How to get to us by car from Fort Henry:

Turn Right (East) onto Hwy 2 at the traffic lights when you leave the Fort.

At the top of the hill, turn Left (North) on to Hwy. 15.

Turn Left (West) at the first opportunity off Hwy 15 on to Wellington Street. (There is a turning lane.)

Turn Left (South) at the second street off Wellington.

#16 is the second house on your left.

Walk up the driveway and you will see a gate with 16 Bis as its Street number.

Open the gate and walk up to the shop.

Please call first (613-386-7720) to avoid disappointment.

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